No Insurance – free test offered with government COVID relief act. *HSRA Approved*

Airline approved RT-PCR testing available *Not approved through Hawaiian airlines*

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Hours Open: Monday to Friday - 10am to 6pm
Contact: 702-233-1791

Same Day COVID-19 Multiple Testing Options Available

IgG Antibody – Detects previous Infection that can be recent or several months ago
  • Blood draw testing performed in-house – results available within 12 – 24 hours
  • Cash pay
Covid-19 - Antigen Testing
  • Results available within minutes
  • Acceptable for certain countries
  • Cash pay
PCR – Nasopharyngeal Swab – Detects active Covid-19 infection
  • Nasal Swab collection performed in-house and sent out to a reference lab for processing. Results are available within 1 hour
  • PCR Saliva same day results
  • Acceptable for travel purposes
  • Cash Pay
Molecular Point of Care test (POC) – Rapid Swab Test that will detect an active Covid-19 infection
  • Specimen collection can be done in-house or collected at a provider’s office and transported to the lab for testing
  • Nasal swab collection that will produce reliable results within minutes
  • Abbott ID Molecular Rapid Testing – results available in 30 minutes
  • Cash pay
Discounts available for Production Testing large groups/ Concierge Covid Testing available.

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Closed Saturday and Sunday
Weekends available for Production needs.

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