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Saliva Testing

  • Using a simple, oral fluid collection device, saliva is collected from inside the mouth
  • Collection pads are then put into a vial, sealed, and given to the lab.
  • An oral fluid collection device can detect a wide range of drugs from standard drugs of abuse such as marijuana, cocaine and opiates to expanded panels
  • Oral fluid collections can be used when patient has shy bladder syndrome (can't go) and eliminates adulteration testing
  • Oral fluid collection testing systems have been upheld in numerous court cases, meeting admissibility criteria set by the Frye/Daubert rules of evidence
  • Oral fluid collection devices have been utilized nationally and internationally by large and small organizations over the past decade. These include drug courts, probation and parole, child protective services, and drug treatment facilities, as well as large manufacturing companies, multi-location retailers, hotel and hospitality venues, construction firms, other small businesses, and even schools