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Hours Open: Monday to Friday - 10am to 6pm
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STD Testing

  • All-in-one testing
  • Based on your personal request
  • All testing is performed the same day as you walk-in; no appointment required
  • Use ASL walk-in lab if you are uninsured or have a high-deductible
  • Use ASL walk-in lab for elective procedure testing that is not covered by insurance
  • ASL provides Secure and Confidential results
  • We accept cash, credit card, and debit card, prepaid cards with the MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express logo.
Complete STD Panel  
Hepatitis B Surface Ab RPR (Syphilis)
Hepatitis B Surface Ag Chlamydia
Hepatitis C Gonorrhea
HIV HSV 1/2 (Herpes)